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Stanford double walled glass french press, 1000ml, 34 fl oz. - Package of 4

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Meet our Double Walled Glass French Press, Stanford. 

Many consumers ask for the ultimate in premium glass presses, so we have brought it for you. The Stanford is a hand made, double walled all glass french press with an 18-8 Stainless Steel filter to brew the perfect cup of coffee, with class. 

Double Walled glass French press insulates the coffee to keep it hot for about 2 to 3 times longer than a single walled French press. This addresses one of the most common complaints about french presses - that in the 4 minutes it takes to brew, and if left any longer the coffee continues to get cold and is no longer piping hot. Well if you want piping hot coffee, and want to brew it in a glass press, the Stanford is the answer.  

No plastic materials ever come in contact with your coffee or tea, and you get the clean and crisp flavors that only ultra smooth and quality glass can give. 

Borosilicate glass is a hand blown heatproof glass. Each press is made with two sets of glasses that are built and then the press is assembled to make a single unit. This makes the double walled glass that insulates your coffee. You no longer need a separate carafe to serve the coffee as the Stanford all glass french press will keep your coffee hot, and is elegant enough for you to serve and pour your guests with.  

Although the glass is safe for dishwasher use we highly recommend hand washing it with care to avoid accidental breakage. 

Capacity: 1000ml, 34 fl. oz, 8 cup

This is a 4 pack of Stanford French Presses. 

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