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French Press: BASEL Orange | 800 ml | Pack of 4

Brand Grosche
SKU: GR 247

The BASEL French press is well designed, functional, durable, and will make the best coffee for you. The BASEL press mechanism is made of stainless steel and its beaker is made of heatproof, borosilicate glass.

The French press coffee ratio is usually around 1-2 teaspoons of coarse ground coffee per cup of coffee to be made. French presses are easy to use, and well regarded as the best method for getting the full flavour from coffee beans. 


Order information

  • The BASEL comes in a pack of 4 French presses.
  • When you order the BASEL wholesale, you are ordering 4 at a time.



  • Protective housing keeps the heatproof borosilicate glass beaker safe
  • Dual filter system with highest-quality stainless steel main filter and secondary filter in the lid
  • Close the lid during brewing to keep your beverage hot longer and extract maximum flavour
  • Dishwasher-safe but we recommend hand washing to prolong the BASEL’s life

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