GROSCHE ALBANY Digital Weigh Scale & Timer - Pack of 4

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The ALBANY is a digital weigh scale with a timer! It’s the perfect addition to your coffee collection to brew the perfect pour over cup every morning! Use around the kitchen for any of your weigh scale needs!

Accurate digital scale with timer for your pour over coffee!

The ALBANY is a digital scale with a built in timer to make your morning brew process easy every time! We like to use the ALBANY to measure our coffee grounds in order to brew the perfect cup of pour over coffee. The ALBANY weighs your ingredients quickly and accurately. It has a tare button to calculate the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the container weight. This must-have tool for your kitchen can also conveniently be used for baking and cooking. Easily adjust the units weighed with ml, oz or the ultra accurate 0.1 gm precision.

Bright LED display screen that saves battery life

The bright LED screen allows you to read the numbers easily from any angle. This digital kitchen scale uses two standard AAA Batteries (included in the box!) that are long lasting with the efficient LED lights. The ALBANY digital scale has a max capacity of 3kg and can range from as low as a fraction of a gram. With the added timer feature, easily measure your time while also measuring the weight. If you forget to turn off your digital scale, we’ve also included an auto shut off after 5 minutes without use.

Multi-purpose Kitchen Scale

The ALBANY weigh scale is not only perfect for your pour over coffee routine, but it’s also a versatile kitchen tool for everyday cooking and baking! Use this compact ALBANY kitchen scale to measure out ingredients while baking. Weigh out pasta or meat while cooking to ensure you have proper quantities for your recipes. The possibilities and capabilities of this versatile weigh scale are endless!

Easy to clean surface

The ALBANY digital pour over weigh scale features a smooth and sleek top that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. This kitchen scale is not dishwasher safe, and should not be submerged in water. When cleaning, simply dampen a cloth, wipe clean and then sanitize.