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Each product sold provides 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need. 

We are a team on a mission to provide people with safe drinking water. And we fund this work with the sales of our coffee and tea products. We travel the world to work in remote areas where there is need and help people face the issue of polluted drinking water. 

We also provide them with education on safe water use and sanitation. As you fill your cup with coffee or tea from a GROSCHE product, you’re filling someone’s cup with safe water. With your help we’re doing what we can. Thank you for helping us do more.




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We started our safe water projects in 2010 in Africa. Today we are working in six countries: South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, India, Pakistan, and The Philippines. To see an interactive map of our water purification installations click here


Here are some videos about our safe water project and our social development work that we fund from the sales of our products:



Here is a video from another project in the Philippines:




Here is a video from our Banana plantation in South Sudan: