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Glass Water bottle: VENICE Blue Water Colors 670 ml/22.6 fl. oz - Pack of 4

VENICE glass water bottle with protective neoprene sleeve

Venice is one of our favorite hydration bottles. This glass water bottle has a large easy to drink mouth. The bottle also has a large capacity of 670 ml or 22.6 fl, oz.  The lid is made from natural bamboo wood. We added a stainless steel inner cap on the lid. That keeps your water away from ever touching any plastics. Also, it comes with a protective and insulating neoprene sleeve. The sleeve protects your bottle and also helps to insulate your drink. The sleeve has an easy to carry strap as well. 


venice glass water bottle with eco friendly bamboo lid borosilicte glass 

Insulated thermal glass water bottle

The Venice glass water bottle is made from a special heat proof glass. This type of glass is called borosilicate glass. This is the same glass we used to make our heatproof glass teapots and french press glass beakers. Borosilicate glass is lighter than normal glass yet it is much stronger than regular glass. It is also  much more thermal shock resistant than ordinary soda glass bottles. It is also safe for use with hot or boiling water. This is the same type that is used in hospitals and labs to make the test tubes. The glass is completely non porous hence very easily cleanable for food safety. It is far superior to ordinary glass, and more durable as well than soda glass bottles. 


stylish wholesale glass bottles canada GROSCHE Venice eco friendly bamboo glass borosilicate


Eco friendly bamboo lid with stainless steel inner

We selected a high quality bamboo wood for the lid material. Then we added a stainless steel lid inner cap into the lid. This makes it extra food safe and completely BPA and BPS Free. No plastic will touch your beverage. We invested in a the highest quality materials available when designing the VENICE water bottles. 

Since its printed glass an natural bamboo, we recommend that you hand wash the bottle and the lid after use. They should be towel or counter dried after washing. The neoprene sleeve is also washable in a washing machine or by hand wash.


  stylish wholesale glass bottles best canada toronto bamboo stainless steel eco friendly GROSCHE Venice GR 384




Includes protective and insulating neoprene sleeve

The Venice bottle comes with a matching blue neoprene sleeve that protects it and insulates it as well.  The sleeve protects the bottle from accidental knocks and bumps. It also helps your water stay warmer or colder. The sleeve has an easy carry strap as well as seen in the image below. 

 girl carrying grosche venice water bottle blue watercolor GR 388 wholesale pack canada




Easy sipping wide mouth stainless bottle with sleeve

We gave the bottle a wide mouth. This wide mouth makes it an easy drinking bottle that's comfortable in how it feels on your lips. It also makes this bottle easy to clean with a simple dish washing brush and some detergent. The bottle and sleeve fits car cup holders, back packs, gym bags, etc. These features make it a very convenient, stylish, and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated at home, school, work, or play. 

 girls hand holding the grosche venice water bottle GR 388 bamboo lid eco friendly


VENICE Water Bottle Key Features:

BPA- free

Made from high grade borosilicate glass

Single walled with thermal sleeve

Capacity: 670 ml/ 22.6 fl. Oz

Cleaning and Maintenance: Hand-wash only

Material: Borosilicate glass bottle, bamboo lid, 18/8 stainless steel cover plate inside lid

Neoprene thermal protective sleeve included. 



 eco friendly glass water bottle with stainless steel bamboo lid grosche venice GR 388 Wholesale Pack Canada

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