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Glass Water Bottle: VENICE Giraffe print 670 ml / 22.6 fl. oz - Pack of 4

VENICE Giraffe Print Glass water bottle wholesale pack of 4

If you love animal prints like we do, you will love the Venice glass water bottle with the giraffe pattern. The bottle is made of heatproof high quality borosilicate glass, and has a natural bamboo wood lid. The bottle has a larger capacity of 670 ml or 22.6 fl. oz which will only need one refill per day to meet a full day's hydration needs. 


stylish glass water bottle GROSCHE Venice Giraffe animal print


The perfect all day water bottle

Many people are trying to avoid plastics in their daily lives for concerns over leaching chemicals in their water. A perfect high quality substitute for that is to switch to glass. But ordinary glass bottles are made of a low grade soda glass which is more fragile, and not heat resistant. Soda glass is what cheap glasses are made from. After some time soda glass will become foggy and will also scratch easily. Our bottle is made out of high grade Borosilicate glass which is a medical grade glass due to its purity. It is whats used in hospitals and laboratories for the test tubes, beakers, and flasks as its completely free of any leaching elements. Also it will never cloud after years of use. It is also heatproof and can handle hot or boiling water with ease. We use this high grade glass to make our bottles to ensure they are the highest quality water bottles that you can buy in wholesale for your retail customers. 


glass water bottle animal print giraffe pattern GROSCHE Vencie GR 386

Easy open all natural bamboo wood lid

For the lid we wanted both style and functionality. We designed this bamboo lid from the highest quality and grade bamboo material we could source. It will give you long life and resist warping and cracking under normal use. Bamboo wood is a naturally fast growing renewable wood material that is considered to be a sustainable wood for all kinds of product designs. The large size of this lid also makes it easy to open. Especially for people who may have some difficulty opening smaller lids on stainless steel bottles this large bamboo lid is a welcome design element. Plus it looks very stylish, don't you think? We went the extra step on this lid and added a stainless steel inner cap on the lid to avoid your water ever touching any plastic materials. Quality inside and out. 

  easy to open bamboo wood LID on GROSCHE Venice water bottle




easy to open lid bamboo glass water bottle grosche venice giraffe animal print

It also includes a protective and insulating neoprene sleeve

The GROSCHE VENICE water bottle comes with a protective thermal neoprene sleeve. The sleeve protects the bottle and helps it to stay cool or warm around twice as long. The sleeve is washable. It will help to protect the bottle against accidental knocks and help to maintain the temperature of your drink as well. The sleeve has an easy to carry handle as well making it more convenient. The bottle fits into gym bags, most backpacks, and also car cup holders. That makes it a very convenient bottle with the right capacity to have all day. 


grosche venice glass water bottle GR 384 Giraffe animal print bamboo lid with sleeve

Easy sipping wide mouth bottle

The bottle itself has a wide mouth for easy drinking. It feels smooth on the lips when you drink from it, and he wide mouth means its easy to clean with a simple bottle brush and some dish soap. 


grosche venice glass water bottle GR 384 Giraffe animal print bamboo lid with sleeve

VENICE Glass Water Bottle Features:

Features: BPA and BPS Free.

Food-grade safe reusable glass water bottle

Heat proof Borosilicate glass. 

Capacity: 670 ml / 22.6 fl. Oz

Cleaning and Maintenance: Hand-wash only

Material: Borosilicate glass bottle, bamboo lid, stainless steel cover plate inside lid

Model: GR 386 Giraffe Print


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